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All of you - one day retreat
All of you - one day retreat

sön 09 juni



All of you - one day retreat

Breathwork, Sound healing, Life Force Activation, and cacao ceremony.

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Tid och plats

09 juni 2024 13:00 – 19:00

Lyckoreceptet, Linnégatan 9, 413 04 Göteborg, Sverige


Om evenemanget

Breathwork, Sound healing, Life Force Activation, and cacao ceremony.

This day is a day for you to be fully held and supported on your unique journey. To get in contact with the parts of yourself that you haven´t  acknowledged, the parts of yourself that you have been suppressing, hiding, or dimming. It can be a wound which you have not been attending to, it can be a feeling which you have not been held in or it can be your most magical power which you have been dimming down.

We all have parts of ourselves which we are afraid of seeing or fully feel. What will happen if you allow yourself to be fully held, guided, and supported? What will awaken in you if you can be your authentic self and know that you are held in whatever occurs? What longing do you have in life, what parts of yourself are you not giving life to?

We will together during this day explore these parts of you. We will use the ancient medicine of ceremonial cacao to open up and get in contact with our hearts. We will use breathwork to fully feel our emotions while staying in our body moving from the sympathetic nervous into the parasympathetic nervous system in a safe way. We will use sound healing to put your brain into theta and delta brainwaves for deep integration of the processes and deep restorative relaxation. We will use Life Force Activation to let our energy flow through our body, to release blockages and to expand our consciousness.

The day will be between 13:00-19:00 and there will be vegan snacks served. You do not need any previous experience, the only thing you need is a desire to open your heart further and meet yourself.


•Eat lightly during the day and no later than 2 hours before class.

•Avoid coffee.

•No alcohol or drugs

•Wear comfortable, soft clothing. Avoid buttons and metal zippers on your trousers. Avoid underwired bras.

•Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of the event starts.

Bring a notbook and pen

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